Year 4 Medical Students

In response to student feedback, the 2017/8 academic year sees an extensively redeveloped Year 4 Anaesthesia programme. 

These new resources have been produced by the core and specialty trainees in Aberdeen, allowing them to develop the skills in Education required for the RCoA CCT in Anaesthesia.

Year 4 students spend one week in the Anaesthetic Department. 

An induction session takes place in the Anaesthetic Dept at 9am on the Monday morning. Students are given an explanation of the rota and other important information, followed by a practical airway session using a mannequin and real equipment. 

After the induction session students have time to view the online tutorials linked below before beginning their clinical attachment in the afternoon. It is essential for students to watch these tutorials before their clinical sessions in anaesthesia.

The other component of the Anaesthesia tutorial programme is a symposium consisting of simulation scenarios and paper case-based problems covering the practical application of the knowledge contained in the online tutorials. The symposium takes place on a Friday afternoon once per block and will occur prior to some students' clinical sessions in Anaesthesia. If this is the case for you, viewing the online tutorials prior to the symposium is essential

The symposium venue may vary throughout the year - students will be notified of the venue at the start of the block. 




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