Aberdeen Anaesthesia



Why Aberdeen?

Aberdeen is often overlooked partly due to it's notherly location and reputation for cold weather, but in 2014 it was ranked as the best city in Scotland, and second in the UK, in which to live and work. It scored highly in many categories including jobs, health, income, skills, work-life balance, house prices and travel time.

Here's what some of our trainee anaesthetists have to say when asked about why you should work in Aberdeen.

Countryside living very much possible only a short drive away from the hospital.

Well connected by road, sea & air compared to similarly sized cities/towns.

Clean surroundings, great parks, great beaches.

Good selection of decent world cuisines & places to eat.

Cool weather but usually nice & sunny.

Idyllic lifestyle.

Work alongside an avid group of outdoor enthusiasts, runners, bikers, and most importantly dog lovers.

Up in the North it's dark all winter and light all summer so no need to worry about adjusting that body clock when working nights.

Apart from one trip to Inverness, all your training is on one site.

Exposure to Cardiac, Neuro and Paeds throughout training when on-call, not just when on the block.

Most people live close, so no big commute to work.

Not a fixed rolling rota so can request weekends not working in advance.

Great tea trolley (with toast) in AMH when on nights.

Cosmopolitan city, easier to integrate for foreigners.

No need to commute, no traffic jams or frozen cars every morning.

Consultants are well behaved and supportive.

Exam preparation is well supported, as is availability of books, seven days private study leave, and leave for preparation courses.

Support from Consultants/Professors with large experience in research/publications.

Specialities in one site, Consultants know you very well, so training is tailored to your individual needs.

Rota is made up taking into account your leave needs.