Prehospital Care

NHS Grampian operates Grampian Hospitals Emergency Medical Service (G-HEMS), a road-based Consultant-delivered prehospital emergency medicine service, out of the Emergency Department in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Whilst membership is primarily drawn from Emergency Medicine there is also Anaesthetic involvement, and this may well be developed further in the future. G-HEMS aims to take advanced medical skills to the casualty in the prehospital environment.

Several Anaesthetists have also undergone training and work with BASICS Scotland and the Sandpiper Trust to help deliver and improve prehospital care in the Grampian area. The local Grampian Immediate Care Scheme welcomes new and interested members to come along and take part in their training evenings and get involved in the work done by BASICS.

The forthcoming WILDCAT project aims to improve outcomes after out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in Grampian. Several anaesthetists will be undergoing additional training to function as prehospital responders as part of this project.