Acute Pain

The Acute Pain Team at ARI consists of five nurses. We have four Consultant sessions every week with one session at Woodend for Orthopaedic surgery and Rehabilitation. In addition, we have a Clinical Pain Fellow who does a ward round, fitting in with their other clinic commitments.

The Pain Nurses are available from 8 am until 6 pm weekdays, and unlike other centres in Scotland also are available at weekends from 8 am until 1 pm. Four out of the current five nurses are Independent Prescribers, and the fifth nurse who has just started will be doing his course soon. This is of huge benefit to the patients of Grampian.

The Acute Pain Team is responsible for all post-operative surgical patients on patient controlled analgesia (PCA), those with epidurals, intrathecal opiates and wound infiltration catheters. We also visit medical patients and non-surgical pain patients when requested by the teams looking after the patients. We are responsible for teaching and the nurses have recently made the PCA training into an e-learning package. Plans are underway to expand all the current teaching into this format across NHS Grampian in line with other teaching.

We are a cohesive team and work tirelessy to improve the quality of pain management provided by NHS Grampian.