WHO Checklists

WHO checklists are here....

Our trainees are undertaking a QI project on compliance with WHO checklist in our hospitals.

Dr Rona Carmichael is guiding them on this, supported by Dr Anoop Kumar and Dr Calum McDonald. Considerable work has been done over the past few months with trainees running a snap audit of current practice, doing presentations at the department CME, meeting up with orthopaedic surgeons, nurses and with theatre management teams.

The audit has shown us that although we are currently performing elements of the WHO checklist there is considerable scope for improvement. This is particularly so in performing a sign-in, medical staff taking a lead on these checks and recording the events on a database.  

It was felt that the WHO checklist should be a standalone checklist on Opera with the anaesthetist and surgeon taking a lead on implementing it. Orthopaedic surgeons have welcomed this initiative and are particularly keen on documenting ‘surgical pause’ and ‘sign-out’ on Opera.

With this in mind Opera has been modified to include the WHO checklist.  We plan to trial recording of WHO checklist on Opera starting on 4th December (for a month). It was felt that Woodend hospital (theatre1) would be a good place to trial the new format. Once it is free of any glitches, we can adopt it in all theatres.

We hope that you will support us in implementing this new format of the WHO checklist. If you happen to be doing a list in theatre 1 at Woodend hospital after 4th December (including 4th) please will you take a lead on this by doing an electronic sign-in on Opera. Your anaesthetic assistant will also be involved in implementing this. Please will you also ensure that the surgical pause and sign-out are also being recorded on Opera.

If you have any questions please feel free to discuss it with Anoop, Calum or any of these trainees (Dr Joanna Thirsk, Dr Doanld Irvine or Dr Adriana Botello).