Anaesthesia Clinical Services Accreditation

The RCoA Anaesthesia Clinical Services Accreditation (ACSA) is a relatively new process which has been introduced in the last few years. It is a system that offers quality improvement by peer review, and may act as a quality marker for the future. There is a large set of standards which have been set out by the college, relating to GPAS (Guidelines for the Provision of Anaesthetic Services). These set out best quality standards of practice, providing both generic principles of anaesthesia care, and detailed comprehensive guidance for the sub-specialty areas. 

It is our aim as a department to become accredited by the college. This would benefit us in a number of ways, including providing a structured and supportive process for improving services, increased engagement in service improvement and also allowing us to benchmark ourselves against national performance.

The process will involve work! We have to ensure all our procedures and guidelines are matched to the standards set out - and there are a large number of them.  However I believe we will have the majority of things already in place, but checking this will require manpower.  Once we are happy with this we can arrange a visit from the college who will undertake a review of our compliance, and from there hopefully we will become accredited.

This process comes at a financial cost, but it is felt that it is value for money and it has been agreed that we should become involved. Once again though, we will need people who would like to play a role in this process. If you are interested then please email me.
For more information please take a look on the RCoA website.

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