AAGBI, GAT and RCoA Fatigue Collaborative

Dear All,

Following the tragic death of an anaesthetic trainee during the drive home from a night shift, the AAGBI, GAT and the RCoA are working together to collect data relating to fatigue amongst anaesthetic trainees CT1-ST7. A fatigue group has been formed in order to coordinate and oversee the necessary changes in education about the need for appropriate rest and adequate facilities to permit this. In order to produce change, it is crucial that all trainees are given the opportunity to share their experiences of fatigue and its effects so that there is both a high volume and a complete national spread of data. This survey has been sent out before but more responses are needed in order to ensure that our findings have as much impact as possible.

Please forward this link to all trainees CT1 - ST7 in anaesthesia within your school and urge them to fill it in.  We are very grateful and thank you in advance.


Many thanks,

Dr Laura McClelland and Dr Jon Holland
(On behalf of the Fatigue Group)